by Joseph Reina

[Omaha, Nebraska] The Omaha Kings have their eyes on the prize as they advance to the Midwest Division playoffs after a jam-packed two weekends of hard-fought road matches. This weekend’s quest saw the Kings play 3 games in less than 72 hours, with 24.5 of those hours spent on drive time. Including the previous weekend’s trip to California, they will have traveled about 4500 miles in a week and half time-span. With less than a day’s break, they will be back on the road to Wichita, Kansas, to take on the Wings for a chance to earn a spot in the M2’s Championship weekend.

Colorado kicked off the Kings’ 3 game series with a stunning performance Friday, maximizing their opportunities against Omaha’s travel-fatigued team. Omaha registered 54 shots in the match and was only able to convert 5 into goals. Colorado however was able to score 12 of their 48 shots en-route to a comfortable win.

After exchanging goals in the first fifteen minutes, the Kings trailed 2-1 entering the second quarter, but that was as close as it would get. The Inferno put four goals on the board in both the second and third quarters, effectively ending any chance of a comeback with the score 10-3 in Colorado’s favor entering the final 15 minutes.

Omaha’s Leo Mejia finished the game with a pair of goals while David Rojas registered a goal and assist. Manuel Lira and Daniel Zuckweiler added the other two goals.

The man of the hour for Colorado was Felix Elias, with three goals and an assist to his name. Gabe Prada and Frankie Perez each scored twice, while both Marcus Jordan and Devin Guidichessi ended the game with a goal and two assists. Colorado took their second win of the season with a final score of 12-5.

The Inferno didn’t get long to enjoy their victory as the Kings came back rested and ready Saturday night, winning 8-4 in a decisive fashion…

The Inferno didn’t get long to enjoy their victory though as the Kings came back rested and ready Saturday night, winning 8-4 in a decisive fashion against Colorado.

The Kings defense came to play, keeping the Inferno from scoring for almost the entire first half. Combined with a clinical attack, Omaha managed to build a 4-0 lead which set the tone for the rest of the match. Colorado was unable to put any real pressure on the Kings, only managing to get within three goals from then on.

Omaha was consistent throughout the game, matching or outscoring Colorado in every single quarter. Manuel Lira finished the game with three goals and an assist while Andy Rodriguez registered two goals. Murilo Ceruli, Say Say, and Mario Bueso contributed one goal apiece.

The Kings defense kept a lid on the Inferno attack that had looked so deadly the night before. Four different players scored for Colorado, with no player finishing the game with more than one point to their name. Omaha secured the win with a final score of 8-4.

The Kings were up and back on the road at 6am Sunday morning, heading to Amarillo to face the Bombers for a spot in the MASL2 playoffs. It would prove to be a highly anticipated match, with a win and they’re in, but a loss could spell the end of their season. Omaha would go in with a 7-4 record while Amarillo was sitting at 6-5. It was Amarillo though, that would eventually capture the win, remaining just shy of earning the MASL2 Midwest Division playoff spot, which would go to the Kings on goals difference.

The Kings and the Bombers tied in each of the first three quarters, but Amarillo’s fourth quarter was the difference as Alan Valenzuela scored twice to give the Bombers the win.

Omaha managed to keep pace with the Bombers throughout the game, but ultimately just came up short on the day. Leo Mejia and Murilo Ceruli finished the game with two goals apiece, while Morgan Penn, Gabriel Gaiotto, and Mario Bueso each scored once. Manuel Lira played the provider of the day as he registered three assists.

Amarillo was very consistent throughout the game and will be happy with the win but they might just wonder what could have been as they miss out on the playoffs just on goal difference. The Bombers’ hero for the day was Alan Valenzuela, who scored four goals, as Julio Vargas recorded three goals and an assist.

Following Sunday’s result, the Kings will face off against the Wichita Wings in a one-leg playoff match to move on to the MASL2 Semi-finals. That match will take place in Wichita, on Wednesday Night at 7:05 PM CDT. Be sure to visit and follow the Omaha Kings on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on how to attend and watch the game.

- Story edited by Natalie Viel