Indoor League Showdown: Omaha Kings Triumph in Preseason Exhibition against Iowa Raptors FC

As they gear up for their fourth season of professional indoor soccer, the Omaha Kings FC (MLIS) showcased their talents in a preseason exhibition match against the Iowa Raptors FC (M2). The game was held at the Alliant Energy PowerHouse arena in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where the Raptors hosted the Kings in an exciting contest of Major League Indoor Soccer (MLIS) versus Major Arena Soccer League 2 (M2) talent.

First Quarter Action: Raptors vs. Kings (2-4)

The opening quarter set the tone for an intense match. The Kings dominated early with goals from Leonides Mejia, Andy Rodriguez, Morgan Penn, and Stevie Siy. However, the Raptors managed to narrow the gap with two well-executed goals of their own. The first quarter concluded with a score of 2 (Raptors) - 4 (Kings).

Second Quarter Showdown: Raptors vs. Kings (5-7)

The Kings kept up their strong attack in the second quarter, extending their lead with goals from Bobby Jaffery, David Panter, and another from Mejia. Despite a valiant effort from the Raptors, the Kings defense and a few notable saves by goalkeeper Louis Floersch, helped secure the score at halftime in favor of the Kings. 5 (Raptors) - 7 (Kings).

Third Quarter Intensity: Raptors vs. Kings (7-10)

The third quarter witnessed an impressive display of skill from both teams. Bobby Jaffery netted his second goal, while Daniel Zuckweiler and Bernardo Torres each added to the Kings' score. The Raptors fought back with goals from Sarrive Rukakiza and Axel Molina, but the Kings maintained their advantage, leading 10-7 as the quarter concluded.

Fourth Quarter Finale: Raptors vs. Kings (8-12)

The final quarter showcased the Kings' resilience, securing their victory with 2 more goals from Zuckweiler, making it a hat-trick for the dynamic player. Despite the Raptors' efforts, including a late goal from Nico Williams, the Kings emerged triumphant with a final score of 8 (Raptors) - 12 (Kings).

Player Highlights and Notable Events:

  • Stevie Siy, Bobby Jaffery and Daniel Zuckweiler each contributed two assists.
  • Leonides Mejia, Morgan Penn, Say Say and David Panter each contributed one assist.
  • Goalkeepers Louis Floersch (Kings) and Devin Thompson (Kings) demonstrated impressive saves.
  • The match featured intense moments, including blue cards for Axel Molina (Raptors) and an equalizing blue card for the Kings, resulting in 4v4 play at the end of the 3rd quarter.

The Omaha Kings emerged with the victory in this preseason exhibition match, setting the stage for their upcoming season of professional indoor soccer with the MLIS.  The Kings will be on the road for their first game against the Colorado Bucks in Denver, Colorado, December 16th, 2023. Be sure to follow their facebook, X, or Instagram for more season updates.