Men's Arena Soccer

Pro & Semi-Pro (MASL2 & MASL3)

The Omaha Kings FC play in the Major Arena Soccer League 2 (M2) at the Professional level, and the Major Arena Soccer League 3 (M3) at the Semi-Professional level.  The Major Arena Soccer League 2 is the second tier in the MASL pyramid, with M3 as the third, and PASL as the fourth. The MASL represents the highest level of professional arena soccer in the world and the Omaha Kings are proud to represent the league on the M2 and M3 level.  The Kings just wrapped up their first season in the M3 with our first ever Championship trophy, and a winning record of 6-1.  The M2 is still in season and we are currently working to schedule home games between April and July of 2021. 

major arena soccer league 2 (m2)

The Omaha Kings started the 2020-2021 arena soccer season playing at the M3 Semi-Pro level.  The league felt our local talent represented higher competition, and with some bumps in the road from global pandemic, the Kings were granted a provisional year to play at the M2 level.  Game schedule for the remaining 2021 season will be announced soon, but are expected to take place between April and July of 2021.  Check out our roster and current standings by clicking the button below.

major arena soccer league 3 (m3)

The Omaha Kings are proud to announce their official membership of the 3rd tier of the Major Arena Soccer League – the M3.  We had a successful season with a winning record of 6-1, and brought home the first ever M3 Championship trophy.  Click the button below to read our official press release about joining the league. 

inaugural season 2019 – 2020

The Omaha Kings FC officially launched in October of 2019.  For our inaugural indoor season, the Kings played in the Premier Arena Soccer League – Midwest Men’s Division.  Final standings resulted with the Kings in 3rd place and a wildcard invite to Nationals.  To view the official standings for the PASL Midwest Division, click the button below.